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Equipment: EPS Batch Pre-Expander
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-06-17
Main Features:
Description: After the first phase of pre-expansion of the EPS raw material, the second and third phases of pre-expansions are optional. If annual production capacity is less than 2000 tons, then only one unit of the EPS-ABE1600 is needed, which is capable of pre-expanding heavy and light raw materials simultaneously; and as such can meet production requirements, improve production efficiency and reduce production space and energy; The electrical system has the PLC controller (Programmable Logic Controller) which is easy to use and operation is stable; The machine uses the Fully Automatic Spiral Feeder and Negative Pressure Feeder to do the feeding, and also uses the Photoelectric Control System and Weight Simulation Module to ensure precise weighing; The Steam System has the Steam-Reducing Valve which strictly controls the steam pressure inside the foaming tank; When the density of the pre-expanded beads exceeds 20kg/m3, this machine uses valve to precisely control the temperature tolerance inside the foaming tank to within ±2℃, ensuring uniformity during foaming.
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