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Equipments detail
Equipment: EPS Fluidized Bed
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Others
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-06-17
Main Features:
Description: 1.The machine is attached to the Pre-Expander to form a complete set. This machine uses the high voltage fan and heat exchanger to form the warm air curtain, and then do the dialysis on the pre-expanded EPS beads coming out of the Pre-Expander; 2. To further improve the expansibility of the pre-expanded beads during the forming process, the bonding property bzhongjieen the beads as well as the elasticity of the beads will help improve the quality of the EPS products; 3. The temperature within the EPS-FB1200 or EPS-FB1600 fluidized bed dryer, which is attached to the EPSBE1200 Batch Pre-Expander and EPSBE1600 Batch Pre-Expander respectively, can reach 75 ℃, and also use devices such as the vibratory sieve, EPS Block Crusher, and Conveying Fan.
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